Every picture tells a story, unfortunately, not all stories have happy endings!

Homeowners, listen up! Your Realtor is your Realtor, and in most cases, NOT a professional photographer. It’s up to you to be sure your agent is either capable of taking good pictures of your home themselves or have a professional step up to the plate. Ask to view the images of your home BEFORE your agent posts them. If the images do not showcase your home, then demand they be retaken.

In today’s Real Estate market, nearly 90% of home buyers begin there search online. Therefore, it is imperative your home shows well in that medium first.

Let’s take a look at exhibit A — would you prefer potential buyers saw this image as a representation of your home (this was an actual image used to “showcase” a home on Realtor.com as were the other before images shown below) …
or perhaps this one?

Not yet convinced that a picture’s worth a thousand words — or potentially thousands of missed dollars? Then I offer exhibit B.

Pretend you’re a buyer, which is more appealing, this  …

or this retake of the same bathroom by someone with an eye for photography?

As a seller, why would you think that fuzzy, out of focus, horribly cropped  pictures will attract buyer interest? Quite simply, they won’t. Don’t be fooled into thinking you must accept substandard imagery! If your Realtor can’t get the job done right, then insist they enlist the services of someone who can!

Your house is up against a LOT of competition — it HAS to look good both in person and online! Your home is arguably, your largest asset, why would you settle for sloppy, second-rate photography as a means of highlighting its best selling features?? Crappy online images will NEVER catch buyer’s eyes, NEVER entice them to make an appointment to view your home, NEVER be the crucial first step toward getting an offer on your property!

FYI? The home featured in this blog received 3 requests for showings within 24 hours of re-posting the new and improved images. It would appear as though the seller can begin to start thinking about “living happily ever after.”


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