MLS = Mighty Lousy Snapshots (oftentimes)

Well, here I go again, harping about bad MLS photos. Why don’t I just “give it a rest,” “chill out,” “forget about it?” Well, believe me, if I thought for a moment that there wasn’t any truth behind the fact that 90% of home buyers begin their search online I would do just that. But in reality, home buyers ARE searching online first. And while the market may be showing signs of recovery in some areas, for the most part, it is still a buyer’s market. Therefore, sellers must be sure their home is shown in it’s best light online first in order to compete with some pretty stiff competition.

Talk to your Realtor and ask to see the photos they plan to use in the listing. If the images are blurry, taken from a bad angle, poorly lit, or just downright nasty, insist they be retaken — do not accept inferior photos! And don’t be fooled or pressured into thinking you must! After all, photos are the digital invitation sent out to perspective buyers asking them to come view your home.

That said, how many “RSVPs” do you think this seller will get?

A basement with obvious water problems is NOT inviting to potential buyers! Why would any Realtor or home owner in their right mind post something like this? I just don’t get it.

Following is another pic of this “lovely” basement albeit from a different angle – yet equally horrendous.

OK, OK, perhaps I should give this “fixer upper” as it is referred to, another chance. Maybe, just maybe this home does have some redeeming qualities.  If so, I, and about a hundred or so home buyers, would love to see them. Actually a hundred or so home buyers would have passed on this “gem” by now, and moved on to the next home for sale, but curiosity has gotten this home stager, so let’s go upstairs and take a look around shall we? Gotta’ be better than the basement right?

WRONG! Check out the living room. Why oh why would a Realtor post a picture of a trashed out room with an abandoned chair shoved in the corner?? How is this going to attract buyers? What about this room is endearing to buyers?

Then there is the kitchen — couldn’t the trash have been picked up at the very least and the lower cabinet doors closed before the photo was taken? I mean seriously, how labor-intensive could that be?
These are actual MLS photos, posted online right now for potential buyer’s viewing pleasure. Yup, all these photos are just beckoning buyers to come and take a closer look … NOT!!

I dunno’ maybe it’s just me, but I’m thinking this house isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

Continually Dumbfounded in MI


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