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Scoring the big Real Estate Trifecta: three things that sell a home fast

Sometimes when the universe smiles down on us, and all the planets align just right, we find ourselves smack in the middle of a Trifecta — a perfect grouping of three.

For instance, an entertainer having garnered a platinum record, a hit TV series, and an Oscar would have a show business Trifecta. In horse racing,  Trifecta betting, which involves picking and sequencing the top three horses correctly, can pay off big. But what about in Real Estate, is there a big pay off Trifecta for home sellers? The answer is yes, yes, and YES!

So how can you score a perfect Trifecta when attempting to sell your home? Well, it’s a lot easier, and faster, than waiting for the planets to align nicely in your favor. That scenario is after all, left to the fates. But as a homeowner, you have more control over your destiny than you realize and it’s as simple as making sure you have the following Real Estate Trifecta working in your favor:

1. Listing your home with a professional Realtor. Here are 10 reasons why this is a crucial step in achieving the perfect Real Estate Trifecta.

2. Listening to your Realtor’s pricing suggestions. Contrary to what some people believe, agents do not simply select prices for sellers or buyers, but rather they use a complex set of tools and methods for pricing, that help guide clients toward making the right choices.

3. Having your home professionally staged. And actually I would suggest doing this before you contact your Realtor, or at the very least certainly before you place it on the market! Staging enhances your home’s appearance and creates broad appeal. In today’s competitive real estate market, the small investment in home staging has shown dramatic payback both in terms of average selling times and more importantly higher selling prices.

See, I promised you it was easy! No consulting with a psychic, no wishing on a four-leaf clover,  no knocking on wood. Nope, in fact none of that matters as in reality, luck favors those who are prepared. So be prepared! Make sure you have the Real Estate Trifecta working for you. When you do, you’ll have everything you need for a fast, successful, AND profitable sale!